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  1. “I Would Fight For You” (the album) is offered free as a token of appreciation to anyone making a donation to the Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity on behalf of MUSIC4GOSH
  2. Copies of the album are subject to availability and no guarantee of availability is made or implied to persons including those who kindly make a donation to Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity. MUSIC4GOSH will however make every endeavour to secure extra copies should demand warrant additional manufacturing.
  3. The album is not for sale and must not be sold.
  4. The album is subject to copyright and must not be copied, reproduced or broadcast without the express permission of the individual artists. Please contact MUSIC4GOSH with all enquiries.
  5. This website and the logo MUSIC4GOSH is subject to copyright law.
  6. The artists, friends, distributors and families of the MUSIC4GOSH team have worked extremely hard and without reward to make this album a reality. Please ensure that you do all you can to support them throughout the distribution and donation stage of our project. At the end of the day, your support and generosity will be greatly appreciated by those who are in need
Important notice regarding the album & donations

“Look through the eyes of a child and you can see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles”

- Ray Costello MUSIC4GOSH 2011 -



Throughout the UK , Holland, Spain, Uruguay and Dubai we have a number of volunteer distributors who will have copies of the album. So, if you are lucky enough to be near a distributor then this is the easiest way to pick up your copy.


1. Make a cash donation to the distributor and they will hand over a copy of the album as a token of our appreciation. They will ensure you donation is recorded and banked.


2. Locate your local distributor, then visit www.justgiving.com/MUSIC4GOSH  where you can make an online donation direct to Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity. The distributor will then hand over a copy of the album as a token of our appreciation.

Watch this site and Just Giving for progress.


To make your donation please visit: www.justgiving.co/MUSIC4GOSH

Then send an email to: donate@music4gosh.co.uk



Please include the following details:






Should you wish to pay by cheque then please indicate this in your email and we will send you further details.

We will then post a copy of the album as a token of our appreciation to the address supplied.


We have made this as simple as possible.

There are a number of ways in which you can make your donation and also receive your copy of the album as a token of our appreciation.


Should you have any difficulties then please email donate@music4gosh.co.uk

Please donate as much as you can afford to help the Children of Great Ormond Street Hospital